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Summit Marketing & Media is a full service digital marketing agency. Our unique approach not only brings awareness to your brand but also exceeds your ROI goals. With our services, we increase your leads, customers, and revenue. Making sure your time and freedom is well spent on running your business. Leave it to us to create a results-driven marketing strategy.

Our Services

Website Design

Our website design team consist of highly experienced developers that can create a competitive edge to your website. We code in the language of PHP, Python, and JavaScript. Our services also include; planning, design layout, content, and all necessary hosting services your website may need. We also provide managing services to reassure your website is looking flawless. With our advanced developers, nothing stops them from building your website to be the finest in the market.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising team, consists of optimizers and campaign creators. Together they build advertisements that exceed your ROI goals. With Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter advertising, our team undertakes an in-depth amount of market research that will allow them to target the right audience. Which in return, will increase your conversion rates. With social media advertising, it is a great way to drive traffic to any platform and increase your brand awareness.


From constantly creating content that is SEO oriented, our SEO team is always able to drive more traffic to your website through optimizing certain keywords. We offer search engine marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, App Advertising, and Videos. This all consists of an organic traffic-driven strategy. Additionally, we do pay per click advertising to drive more users to your website. Along with constantly keeping track of the analytics behind our SEO strategy and continue to update your website’s content. Which in return drives more traffic to your website.

Graphic Design

With our innovative graphic design team, we can create graphics that makes your business stand out from all your competition. With our artistic touch, we make sure your designs fit your business’s style and message. Additionally, we create logos, campaign designs, assist with website design, and much more. Reassuring you, your look never goes out of style.

Social Media Content Management

Our social media team provides a set plan on what days and times to post, along with a strategy to increase engagement on your social media platforms. We create attractive and eye-grabbing posts for your current and potential followers to enjoy and engage in. We focus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media platforms. With lots of organic optimization, we increase your following base and bring more awareness to your social media platforms. Following all the daily trends, our social media team never fails to make organic work seem effortless.

Content Strategy

Our team strategizes on how to create content for your website and social media platforms. As well as making it engaging and entertaining for your users. We also construct all the content to be SEO oriented. Leave it to our team to create an enjoyable experience for your users through our excellent content creation.

Our Portfolio

Explore previous work we have completed, and see why Summit is the number one choice for you.


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